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flippant adj : showing inappropriate levity [syn: light-minded]

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  • US:
    • /"flI.pEnt/


  1. Lacking proper respect or seriousness, showing inappropriate levity; pert.
    • 2000: Anthony Howard and Jason Cowley, Decline and Fall, New Statesman, March 13, 2000 - In the mid-1950s we both wrote for the same weekly, where her contributions were a good deal more serious and less flippant than mine.
    • Sylvia Brownrigg, The Metaphysical Touch - The conversations had grown more adult over the years--she was less flippant, at least.
    • Allen Carr, Allen Carrs Easyway To Stop Smoking - Our society treats smoking flippantly as a slightly distasteful habit that can injure your health. It is not. It is drug addiction.


lacking proper respect
  • Dutch: oneerbiedig, spottend
  • Finnish: epäkunnioittava (lacking respect), epäasiallinen (lacking seriousness)
  • Icelandic: virðingarlaus
  • Norwegian: eplekjekk, flåset, flåsete




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